//Why freelance with us?

We provide a safe and easy way to advance your career, grow your network and earn more money. Anyone can join in most countries. We manually go through every new candidate to ensure a rich experience for both freelancers and recruiters alike. 

We are more than just a platform. We are people dedicated in helping as many people as possible succeed by personally getting involved in the selection and recruitment process.

//How does it work?

Begin by creating a free profile with us and recruiters will be able to check out your work and send you project proposals.

Creating an account is totally free. Upload your profile and portfolio, add a reel, detail your skills, offer your services, set your prices and you are ready for business.

//Offer your services

Create as many services as you want, charge a hourly rate or a flat fee and let potential clients hire you.

//Bid on jobs

View ongoing jobs and submit bids. Send a proposal along with a cover letter and details. If your offer is accepted, you will be able to communicate with the client for further details.

//Secure payment for both freelancers and recruiters/clients

Once an amount has been agreed to between the freelancer and the client. The client makes a payment through //adapt marketplace and is released to the freelancer once the work is completed and accepted by the client. This secures both parties as it ensures the freelancer delivers the work and the freelancer gets paid for their work.

//adapt marketplace charges a 15% commission on all projects plus a 5% payment (credit card) processing fee. Take note that the fee is included in the agreed price. For example, a $1,000 job would result in a $800 payment for the freelancer. These fees will enable //adapt marketplace to promote and assist the freelancers, assure a stable stream of income for freelancers and quality workmanship for recruiters.

All payments are paid through credit cards and or Paypal. Freelancers will receive payment through their Paypal account. More payment options will be offered in the future depending on the needs.